• Passive, non-contact technology

    Our team of engineers at Lumineire use this passive, non-contact technology to assist our clients in various aspects of their business.

    Thermal imaging can provide 2D images in real time with a thermal sensitivity of less than 0.1°C. Thermal imaging is the only non-contact technology on the market capable of delivering detailed real-time LWIR (Long Wave Infra-Red) images.

    Lumineire use this clever technology to assist our clients in many areas. For example, most electrical equipment generates heat during normal operations. This heat is safely dissipated on its own. However corrosion, loose connections, misalignment or overload conditions can cause components to generate excessive heat, resulting in potentially serious problems, which can lead to unexpected machinery downtime, loss of production and additional costs in overtime in an effort to catch up. Specialising in thermographic surveying, diagnostics & analysis is a reliable and non-intrusive method of visualising the temperature distribution on object surfaces. At Lumineire we have revolutionised the predictive maintenance programs of industries throughout Ireland and the UK. Utilities, industrial, manufacturers and many other organisations have realised the significant savings that early detection of hot spots in their high voltage system can provide. The proven ability to find heating anomalies before they evolve to a costly failure, has amounted to huge savings across all sectors of the manufacturing industry.