Thermal Imagining for Industry

At Lumineire we recognize that all major industries are seeking to reduce their operating costs while striving at the same time to improve their Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction.

Thermography is a tool for recording nearest surface temperatures and our expert engineers have the ability to correctly set up their cameras with the right object parameters for the given situation. Lumineire places a large emphasis on the high level training to ensure that we correctly assess the inspection and apply the required thermographic technique.


Our team of engineers will ensure that the correct object parameters are input prior to any inspection commencement including emissivity, ambient and t-refl temperatures, distance, humidity and any other associated values required for accurate thermographic image interpretation. Lumineire offer premium grade thermography for any application where there is either a temperature or emissivity differential so that anomalies can be observed and expertly reported on.

Quality of Service is often linked to the performance of the manufacturing or process machinery. Lumineire use infrared thermography as one of our most important sensing technologies to be applied to the detection and monitoring of manufacturing and production equipment. We incorporate planned preventive maintenance regimes which can predict the imminent failure of critical components such as bearings and switchgear. This enables our engineers to carry out the appropriate maintenance before complete breakdown.

Lumineire use thermography to facilitate the monitoring of both critical equipment and product in process industries. As a direct result many of our clients throughout Ireland and the UK are benefiting from reduced equipment downtime, improved efficiency and consequently increasing profits.

Our engineers are electrically qualified, certified and insured.