Thermal Imagining for Fever Screening

As you know, Lumineire specialise in thermal imaging services. Whilst we mainly do plant surveys as part of preventative maintenance schedules on electrical and mechanical systems, we also offer manned Fever Screening as part of our offered services.

Our Fever Screening services are for high risk applications as they are thermographer-led fever inspections. Whilst automated systems have a good success rate, there are several flaws in automated fever detection. Our trained thermographers carry out a more involved inspection with a substantially lower “miss” rate and false positive rates respectively compared to autonomous detection. All thermographers come in teams of two and work to latest ISO and Fever Screening guidelines with calibrated equipment.

Depending on the level of service required, our team can provide live screening with real time detection flagging and, if required, a report on all personnel having been screened with results that can be filed for later reference by customer.

A key indicator of Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection is a raised body temperature but, as individuals may not even be aware of this themselves, businesses and organisations relying on staff coming to work, the risk of spreading the virus remains extremely high.

How does our body temperature detection system work?

Any object with a temperature above absolute zero will emit a detectable amount of thermal radiation. A thermal camera converts Infra-Red radiation into grayscale values and matches those grayscale values to temperature values through an algorithm model.

Thermal cameras with high-temperature accuracy can help detect elevated body temperatures which may indicate the presence of a fever.

Ideal situations are for measuring the elevated body temperature screening of employees, visitors, commuters, shoppers, and construction workers.

Is this a service your organisation would be interested in?

If so, please contact our office on 01 699 1517 and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Covid-19 Monitoring