Thermal Imagining for Residential

Would you like to cut the cost of your fuel bills? If so, call our team today to schedule a comprehensive home energy audit.

Each home energy survey will consist of the following

  • Heat loss analysis
  • Insulation analysis
  • Leak detection.

Thermal Imaging is a well-accepted method of imaging and evaluating the thermal efficiency of home and building insulation, doors, windows, and other penetrations, along with the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Lumineire’s home energy auditors have been able to proactively address the issue of wasted energy by using infrared cameras, and in turn help to make homes more energy efficient, saving money and natural resources.


With rising fuel and heating bills, home owners need look no further for solutions to reduce their utility bills. At Lumineire our engineers are fully trained and certified in infrared technology. We can call to your home at a time that is convenient to you to carry out a comprehensive home energy audit.

A building diagnostic report will be provided highlighting areas in need of repair and recommendations made.

Pinpoint the specific areas in need of attention and save on unnecessary works.

Not only that but with increase energy efficiency your home will become more efficient, saving you money as well as being kind to the environment.